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Updated Thursday December 22, 2016 by Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association.

Welcome to PRYAA Football Coaching Tools Page

This page contains many tools to assist you in coaching PRYAA youth football this season. The intent is to give you tools to use so that you can train and prepare your coaches, players, and parents properly for the upcoming season. These materials are a starting point for what is out there for you to use. It will help create a base on what you are about as a coach. What you have to do as a coach is plan your work, then work your plan. You need to know what you want to do and then go do it. Know who you are as a coach and then go coach your coaches and your team to the best of your ability. If you need to ask for assistance please ask your commissioner or other coaches. Other coaches are interested in helping make the program and all players in it better. You will either get help or will be pointed to someone who can help you. However, if you don't ask questions or ask for help you will not get it. Use the resources below and any other resources you have available to make your players better athletes and better people.

USA Football Coaching Materials

As a member of USA Football you have access to a complete library of drills and materials. Please use your access to this great tool to help your season be a success. You will need to use your USA football coaching membership to log-in to the site once you get there to get full access of the tools available. After logging in go to tools or training and you will find some great resources only available to you as a member coach. If you have not signed up to be a member please contact your league commissioner for more information.

USA Football

Positive Coaching

PRYAA Football has adopted educational tools from the Positive Coaching Alliance this year. Please review the documents below as you prepare for training better athletes and better people.

We also have additional information on the Positive Coaching Alliance page.

Double Goal Coach Job Description
Coach - Parent Partnerships Plan
Sample Parent Meeting Agenda
Positive Coaching Article

Football Drills

Collection of drills to help run an effective practice

Youth Football Drill Book
Additional Football Drills 

Sample Practice Schedules

The Sample Practice schedules are from coaches throughout the years. Please adjust them to your grade level.

Sample Practice Plans

Sample Defensive Tools

The sample defensive tools are from coaches throughout the years. Please adjust to your grade level.

Linebacker Drills

Sample Offensive Tools

The sample offensive playbooks are from coaches throughout the years. Please adjust to your grade level.

Balanced Offense Playbook 1
Balnaced Offense Playbook 2
Split Back Formation Plays
Offense Double Wing Formation
Offense T Formation Playbook

Additional Coaches Resources

If you are a coach and have additional materials to share with coaches please forward them in a pdf format to Cori Ellerby.